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Keeping your hair happy with a hair mask

As the cold season approaches, it is crucial to pay extra attention to your daily hair care routine. In order to prevent winter dryness from taking its toll on your hair and to keep it at its healthiest, most radiant state. This is exactly what a hair mask can do for you.

When exposed to the windy, harsh winter weather, your hair, just like your skin, undergoes several changes that disrupt the natural beauty of your hair. Your hair may end up suffering breakage, dehydration, frustrating tangles and split ends, frizziness as well as loss of volume, luster and shine.

But there is no reason that your hair should suffer like this. Especially when you can choose to harness the magical power of top-quality, all-natural deep conditioning treatment masks such as our Happy Hair Oil Mask. With the aid of a good mask all these undesired hair changes can be successfully prevented. So when the weather plays rough, do your hair a favor and take a little time in order to protect your precious locks against the harmful effects of the environment and to restore its natural beauty.

Hair Mask Benefits

Carefully selected, natural and silicone-free conditioning masks are undoubtedly the best-kept secret of the hair styling trade, because not only do they deeply nourish, moisturize, soften and protect the hair fiber, but they also restructure, revitalize and regenerate extremely dry or damaged hair, while improving manageability and restoring its natural shine and luster from the inside out.

Quincessentials Happy Hair Oil Mask is a conditioning mask specifically created for hair with dry ends, frail hair prone to breakage as well as frizzy, brittle hair. Based exclusively on 100% natural and extensively researched ingredients rich in essential nutrients that optimally hydrate and nourish your hair.

In addition to nourishing your damaged, dry hair into beautiful, shiny hair within minutes, using our hair mask either daily or weekly is easy to do. For easy application warm the bottle in some warm water.  Apply sparingly to dry hair before shampooing.  Work thoroughly through the length and ends of the hair and wrap your hair with a warm towel.  Keep it on for 20 to 30 minutes for optimum absorption by the hair fiber (you can leave it during the night if you wish). After this it is recommended the mask is washed out with a natural shampoo. With a Quincessentials Happy Hair Mask you can rest assured that you will never experience a bad hair day again caused by winter or even summer dryness.

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