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Alcohol based aftershave or After Shave Balm?

Those of you who use after shave may not know the difference between alcohol or alcohol free, but some knowledge of this may actually help you improve your shaving experience. By far the most popular post-shave solution is the alcohol-based after-shave or cologne. But did you know that the daily use of such products can dry out your skin and contribute to the acceleration of the ageing process?

There are two types of products when it comes to after-shaves. Alcohol-based ones, which are the most common and are usually called lotions or waters, and Alcohol-free ones, which are categorized as balms, gels or moisturizers. If you suffer from skin conditions such as acne and eczema, don’t use an Alcohol-based after shave. It will severely aggravate your skin condition and will sting like crazy.

But aren’t there any benefits to using a conventional after-shave?

The anti-septic qualities of alcohol are often quoted as a benefit of aftershave lotions, helping heal those little cuts that sometimes happen when you shave, but let’s face it in this day and age unless you’re shaving with a butcher’s knife, you shouldn’t be having cuts in your face from shaving. And if you use products with natural ingredients, like Calendula flower extract and Shea Butter you will benefit from the same anti-septic properties.

The post-shave moisturizer trend is rising and for good reason.

Because instead of using alcohol, a shaving balm like Quincessentials After Shave uses alternative and only natural ingredients. These ingredients are sustainable and are at least as effective, if not more effective and healthy for your skin after shaving. Quincessentials After Shave is a soothing, moisturizing aftershave. While this won’t produce the familiar burning sensation, it will replenish some of the protective moisture you lost while shaving. It is lightly scented, so you’ll still smell great, without the burn. Quincessentials After Shave is a balanced, nourishing, moisturizing and rejuvenating balm to care for your skin after shaving, try it and you may just ask yourself why you ever used an Alcohol-based after shave to begin with.

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